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WOODYCELL is natural insulation material made from wood fibres. It contains no harmful substances or additives of any kind and is pleasantly warm to the touch. The low energy input required in its production makes WOODYCELL unrivalled from an ecological point of view. Insulation for every application, whether it is a new construction, refurbishment, sloping roofs, top storey ceilings, intermediate floors, exterior or interior walls

Cellulose blown insulation🡪

Cellulose blow-in insulation — blown insulation made from newspapers ISOCELL cellulose blow-in insulation is a thermal insulation made from cellulose fibres which is produced from newspaper in an optimal recycling process. Therefore, the raw material for ISOCELL is wood, the excellent properties of which have been known to us for centuries. Production of ISOCELL takes place in Austria, in one of the most modern plants in Europe.

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